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Increasing population is a big problem for the country of India, but the increasing population also cannot mean that we are not able to fulfill even the basic needs of our people. In the times to come, it may happen that due to paucity of resources, many people will have to be deprived of all the basic things that they should get.

Rising unemployment is the result of the increasing population. One of the biggest dangers arising out of unemployment is that people who are in a position to do employment in the country if they do not get employment, start doing some wrong things in the greed of earning money.

Or start walking down the wrong path. Governments in the country or in other words, state governments keep on preparing employment-related plans for their people from time to time. Some plans succeed some don't.

In the context of this, today we will talk about the employment facility provided by the Haryana government to its people to provide employment.

In today's article, we will know about what is Hrex, why the Haryana government has created this website, and how much benefit Hrex website is giving to the unemployed of Haryana, any unemployed person from Haryana can visit Hrex website.

How can you take advantage, how can you register yourself, and in this regard for today we will answer all the related questions to you?

So let's start-

What is Hrex?

· Friends Hrex is a vision by which the Haryana State Government has taken an initiative to provide employment to the young residents of their state.

· On Hrex website you find many schemes such as Saksham, one family one job, and related to this you also get opportunities to convert one of your jobs to another.

· Along with this, if you want to take unemployment allowance also, then you can also take it.

· In today's article, we will provide you information related to all these things. Friends, according to the 2011 census, the population of Haryana has been measured to be about 2.5 crores. According to this, more than one crore youth power is present there, when a state takes full use of its youth power, then that state always becomes progressive.

· With this hope, the Haryana government has developed a website named Hrex to provide employment to its unemployed youth.

· If you want to understand Hrex, then understand that it is a website like a freelancer, but the only difference is that you will not get the work online in it.

· You will get an online job in this. In which you have to do that job by going to a particular place. But you will get the job sitting at home.

· If possible, you may have to go for the interview. In this way, you can get a job under the vision of the Haryana Government by using the Hrex website.

Hrex Portal: What are the benefits of the Hrex Portal?

· Friends, the Hrex website is such a website that the Haryana government has prepared to free its unemployed youth from unemployment.

· Under this, arrangements are made to provide employment result employment to youth or person living in a Haryana state.

· Various types of employment schemes are made available.

· Through the scheme of employment, a person living in the Haryana government can do his favorite job. And can take care of his family with him.

· Using the Hrex website under the Saksham scheme, a person residing in the state in Haryana can find his desired job on the this website by putting his abilities on his profile.

· Under Hrex website an unemployed person can get unemployment allowance under Haryana Government. For this, he will have to fill the application form and submit it and after that, he will start getting unemployment allowance.

Not only an unemployed person can register on the Hrex website, but a person who is looking for an employee to get his work done, that is, an employer can also register on the website. After which he can hire people in his work relationship.

These are some of the benefits of the Hrex website which are made available to the people of Haryana state under the present Haryana government.

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How to Register on Hrex Website?

Friends, registration for Hrex website is done in two ways-

1. As an Employee

2. As an Employer

· First of all, we will tell you how you can register yourself on the Hrex website as a person looking for a job.

· Before registering on the portal, you must first go to the official website of Hrex.

· After going to the official website you will see the option of “Account” in the menu bar there.

·  You have to click on the Account option.

· After clicking on the Account option, two options will open in front of you.

· The first will be the sign-in, the second will be the register.

· You have to click on register.

· After registering, you will have two options in which you will have to register as a job seeker and employer.

· So if you are looking for a job then you will first sign up as a job seeker i.e. register.

· After this you will be asked for your mobile number. Your mobile number can be useful for verification.

· If your profile is selected for any job then you will be contacted by mobile number.

· You have to provide your current mobile number on this website.

· After this, you have to fill the captcha.

· After this, you have to click on send OTP.

· After clicking on Send OTP, you will get an OTP on your mobile number.

· You have to verify it by filling it on the web page.

· After verifying, you have to give all your information which is asked from you on this website.

· You have to submit this information in the online form, that is, you have to fill it.

· After filling the online form, you have to click on the save and next button. After clicking on the Save and Next button, you have to fill your complete information on five similar web pages.

· That information will design your profile.

· According to which you will be provided jobs.

· In this way, you can do your registration on the Hrex website. And you can register yourself as an employed person.

How to register as an employer?

· In order to register on the Hrex website, some small steps have to be followed.

· To register as an employer on the website of Haryana employment exchange, you must first visit the official website of the Haryana employment exchange.

· After visiting the official website, you have to click on the account button present in the menu bar.

· After clicking on the Account button, two options will appear with you.

· One will have to sign in i.e. login.

Registration will take place in the second.

· You have to click on register.

· After registering you will reach another page.

· In which you have to choose whether you are a job provider or taker i.e. you are an employee or employer.

· You have to register as an employer.

· To register, you have to give all the information related to your business.

· After this, you have to submit this form.

· After this OTP will also come on your mobile number and you have to complete your registration process by putting that OTP on your web page.

· Thus you will be registered as an employer.

· Later, out of all the unemployed people present on the website, you will be able to choose people related to your work and give them employment.

What is Saksham Yojana?

Friends, Saksham Yojana is such a scheme provided by the Haryana Government, under which a fresher job seeker who is looking for a job, will put his talent, through which he can earn money, on the Hrex website and after that, the website job Notifications for the job will start coming to Sikar.

Employers will choose people to do their jobs. To provide employment to all the people of Saksham Yojana, an amount is provided by providing them work.

Through which you can live in your daily life. The youth who have graduated under the Saksham scheme can apply for this unemployment allowance.

To apply for this, the first link on the Hrex website under the option named Citizen Charter, that is, the first option, on the same, they will get information about the Saksham scheme.

From there he will be able to take advantage of the Saksham scheme by filling the online application form.

Saksham Yojana was launched by the Haryana Government in 2018. Its main objective was that the unemployment, which is increasing day by day in the Haryana government, could be controlled in any way.

Under the Saksham Yojana, the Haryana government provides employment to the young people of its state. Under which an amount of ₹ 9000 is transferred by the bank to them for working 100 hours.

How to get Unemployment allowance?

Friends, you can fill the online application form to get unemployment allowance through the Hrex website. To get this unemployment allowance, you must have certain qualifications.

1. As you should be between 21 years to 35 years of age.

2. You should be from a poor family i.e. your annual income should be less than ₹ 300000.

3. The benefit of this scheme will be given to 1 beneficiary only for the initial 3 years.

4. To apply online for unemployment allowance, one has to visit the official website of Hrex

5. After going there, he will have to click on the link named Citizen Charter.

6. After that, how will the fear 11 reach the page, from where all the information of the scheme will be available as an option while calling it from below and scrolling and clicking on the link of unemployment allowance.

7. From there he can fill the application form and apply to get unemployment allowance

Hrex Login: How to log in to Hrex Website?

Follow the steps below to log in to the Hrex website.

·To login to the website, you have to register on the Hrex website

·After registering, you will have to log in using your User ID and Password.

·After logging in, you will go to the dashboard of this website, after which you will be able to control your profile.


So friends, in today's article, we learned how to find employment on Hrex's website.

What can you benefit from the Hrex website and how you can log in and register on the website and related to this, we have provided all the information related to the Hrex website.

If you like the information given by us, then please share this article as much as you can. Thank you.

FAQ related to Hrex:

Q.1 Is the Hrex website only for the residents of Haryana?

Ans. Yes, the Hrex website is only for the residents of Haryana. For those people who reside in Haryana but are unemployed and looking for employment. This is a small initiative by the Haryana State Government for the upliftment of those people.

Q. How does the website work?

Ans. The working style of the Hrex website is not new. The Hrex website works in such a way that both the employee and the employer are present at the same place. When the employer has to get his work done, then he looks for the employee. And when the employee needs work, then he finds the employer.
In a way, it acts like an online job fair.

Q. What is the Saksham Yojana?

Ans. Under the Saksham scheme, the Haryana State Government works to provide employment to the unemployed youth living in the state of Haryana through the Hrex website. And for this, she gives them 100 hours of work, after which she gives them ₹ 9000.