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Different states provide different types of facilities for their state employees and citizens of their state so that they do not have to face too much trouble to take any government facility in the coming future.

There are many such examples where the government has understood the problems of its common people through various types of websites or web portals, and also solved them.

Similarly, on 4 November 2011, a campaign was started by the Andhra Pradesh government named MeeSeva. This is a website portal.

Various facilities have been made available here for the state employees and the citizens there. Where the citizens of the state can take the help of a person to take advantage of government facilities and to do their government work sitting at home.

This web portal has been started to provide all facilities of Government to Citizen and Government to the Business range.

On MeeSeva Web Portal, you can get information about facilities related to Aadhar Card, Agriculture or Civil Supplies, Department of Factories and District Administration and Police Administration, Education, and many other important issues.

That is why in today's article we will tell you what is MeeSeva Portal, what is MeeSeva web Portal 2.0 is, and how to login to this Web Portal,

In this, how the application status is checked, what is its Citizen-Centric Policy? what types of facilities are provided.

And what is the Category of this Portal, and related to this we will give you any such information which is necessary for you to get while relating to MeeSeva Portal?
So let's start-

What is MeeSeva Portal?

MeeSeva Online Portal is an online website that was created by the Government of Andhra Pradesh for the citizens of its state in 2011 when the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were one.

You can get information about government undertakings through this website. Your Aadhar Card, Agriculture Related Services, Civil Supplies, Department of Factories, District Police Administration, Police, Education, Election, Employment, Endowment, Health, ITC, Labor, etc.

Under these, necessary information is made available to the residents of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.

MeeSeva Web Portal is mainly started to keep the residents of your state full of government facilities at all times.
For the developing business and every type of citizen in the state, the Andhra Pradesh government has created this web portal with its own authority.

Through this, now common people will not have to wait for too much to get information about government facilities, and will not have to make frequent visits to government offices.

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Purpose of the MeeSeva Online Portal?

MeeSeva is a Telugu name in MeeSeva Portal and its meaning in Telugu is “at your service”.  This website has been made to serve the citizens.

The main objective of this website is to implement legal efficient and technology-based governance.

All kinds of facilities run for the people of the state and all kinds of schemes given to them have meaning only when they can reach all the people without any discrimination.

If this happens, then the purpose of a government scheme is fulfilled and for this, it is taken care of through the MeeSeva portal whether the facilities given to the common people have reached them or not,

And if it does not happen then the government takes big action on it. And to check that the needy are getting their essential services. He can cross-check it through this website portal.

And the purpose of this Portal is that people should have that power with the help of which they can be aware of the facilities available to them.

And any kind of corruption can be reduced and the facilities of those common people should not be in the hands of anyone else.

E-Governance will also be promoted through MeeSeva Portal so that on the basis of technology, the public will be able to connect more with the government and the role of the public which is to run a government, will be able to contribute in that role.

And if you want to know more about MeeSeva Online Web Portal, then we know that this web portal, in association with State Data Center, State Service Delivery, State Wide Area Network, and many other such Data Processing Departments, is part of this portal. has been created.

The work of all these departments is mainly that all the citizens living in the state can get their related information without any hindrance and through this step, all the information related to the provision can be made accessible to the common citizen, This is also its main purpose.

MeeSeva Portal: Benefits of MeeSeva 2.0 Web Portal

MeeSeva Portal is a very large database and in this database complete data of about 9 crore citizens of the entire Andhra Pradesh state is available.

And all those citizens can get their complete information i.e. government facilities and all information related to government from this database. It also has many great benefits.

• Through the database, a resident of Andhra Pradesh can access all the information related to Aadhar card, residence certificate, revenue, and country records in a jiffy.
• With the help of this vast database a person irrespective of his caste, community, and economic background can avail various types of facilities of the state government without any discrimination.
• MeeSeva Portal provides various different facilities to the discerning citizens of Telangana State.
• All government facilities are effectively provided to over 9 crore residents of Telangana state.
• Reconciliation can be done between the government and the residents of the state through this Online Web Portal.

MeeSeva Services on MeeSeva Citizen Portal

Various types of facilities are provided to you on MeeSeva Online Web Portal and especially it has some basic facilities. Such as certain services related to Aadhar cards, various facilities for payment of specific types of bills,

Telangana State Telangana State Provides all facilities to all types of residents without any discrimination.

Following facilities are available on MeeSeva Online Web Portal such as services related to Aadhar Card, Services related to Agriculture, CDMA related to Civil Supplies, Commissionerate of Industries and Departments.

Apart from this, services related to the district administration, police and education, elections, employment, housing, endowment, health, ITC, labor, legal metrology, and geosciences, are available.

And after that, you are provided with general administration, city administration, industry promotion, revenue services, rural development services, social welfare services, etc.

MeeSeva Login: How to Login to MeeSeva 2.0 Portal

To log in to MeeSeva Online Portal, first, you have to complete your registration. After which you will be able to complete your login on the portal.

There are 53 services available on MeeSeva Online Web Portal for use today.

To take advantage of all those services, you have to register on Online Web Portal and you will also need different types of documents to register-

MeeSeva Portal: Documents required for registration

To complete your registration on MeeSeva Portal you will need different types of documents and you have to upload those documents one by one. You have to upload their photos by clicking on them.

You will need the following documents. You will need this document at the time of registration. Online Web Portal.

• Aadhar card,
• A little information about the bank account,
• 2 small passport size photographs,
• residence certificate,
• Mobile number etc.

How to Register on MeeSeva Portal

You have to follow some steps to register on MeeSeva Portal. On Web Portal, you will get the benefit of more than 40 departments and more than 53 facilities.

MeeSeva Portal is used similarly in Andhra Pradesh Telangana and the website of both of them is completely different, and the web portal of both of them is also made separately.

But this Portal was started in 2011 and at that time both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh used to be one state.

That's why if you want to register on Telangana MeeSeva Web Portal, then your process will be different for this.

And if you want to register on Andhra Pradesh MeeSeva Web Portal, then the process will be completely different for this also.
We will tell you how to register for Telangana state.

How to do Telangana MeeSeva Web Portal Registration?

• To register in Telangana MeeSeva Portal, you have to search on Google by typing "Telangana MeeSeva Web Portal Registration".
• You will have to open the web page by clicking on the first website that will come in front of you.
• A registration form will open in front of you, which has to be filled and submitted.
• On this web page, you have to enter your preferred login ID, password, and then your contact information such as your mobile number, email id, address, your country, your state, your district, your pin code, and submit it to you. Is.
• After this an OTP will be sent to your mobile number which you have to enter on this web page.
• And after that your registration will be completed and now you are ready to log in.

How to Login to Telangana MeeSeva 2.0 Portal?

For Telangana MeeSeva Portal you have to first go to the official website.
• After this you will have to click on the right and login button in the web page that will be open, which will open the home page. And after clicking on the Login button, the Login Page will open in front of you.
• After this you will have to captcha by entering your User ID, Password, and after that, you have to click on the Login button, after this your login process will be completed and you will be ready to take advantage of all your facilities.

How Citizen-Centric Governance can be taken forward from MeeSeva Portal?

MeeSeva platform was introduced in 2011 to take forward the services of the state government-oriented towards citizens and at that time Telangana state was part of Andhra Pradesh and till date received more than 45 thousand closed transactions in a day. She goes.

It is just a way for the state government to provide facilities to its citizens and residents. With the help of which Citizen-Centric Governance can be taken forward.
When the residents of the state have faith in the state government, then Citizen-Centric Governance can work.

MeeSeva Application

If you want to apply for any facility through MeeSeva Online Web Portal like Aadhar Card, Arogya Shree, Agriculture, Ayush or other 53 issues like Civil Supplies you want to apply then-

• First of all you have to go to the official website of the MeeSeva web portal.
• This official website you can choose any of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh.
• After this you have to click on the right and present services button.
• And after that, on whichever issue you want to take your application form, you have to download your application form by clicking on it.
• Now by filling your application form completely, you have to submit it to the nearest post office or municipal corporation, and after that, if you want, you can get information about the status of this application form online.

How to Check MeeSeva Application Status on Web Portal?

To check the online application status of MeeSeva Portal, you must first go to the respective Web Portal which can be any of Telangana or Andhra Pradesh.
• After this you have to log in by clicking on your Login button and entering your User ID and Password.
• After that after the login page is opened, you will have a button named Status or Application Status, you can open it.
• After this you can easily get information about your application status whether your application has been canceled or approved or is still pending.
• In this way you can use Online Web Portal to check application status.


So today we knew what the MeeSeva web portal is, how this portal is used in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state according to the state governments,

what facilities are provided, how you can register in this, how to do the facilities How to avail the benefits, how to download the application form,

how to check the status of the application forms. Today we have given you the information related to all these. We hope that you have liked the information given today.
Thank you!