What is Intra Haryana?

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Intra Haryana stands as a web portal dedicated to HRMS Employee services, catering to government employees in Haryana. The Government of Haryana initiated the portal's launch, aiming to bestow convenient and transparent services upon its workforce.

The HRMS Haryana Employee Portal serves as a comprehensive hub for all government-provided employee services. Introduced by the government, its purpose is to grant employees a clear and hassle-free avenue for accessing a range of services.

Features and Benefits

The Intra Haryana portal encompasses a wide range of services aimed at simplifying the professional lives of government employees. From leave applications to salary details, pension information to performance evaluations, the portal covers an extensive scope of services.

Employees can access their personal information, update records, and submit requests seamlessly through the portal.

One of the key advantages of Intra Haryana is its ability to centralize all employee-related services. This eliminates the need for employees to navigate multiple platforms or visit various departments for different services.

The portal serves as a one-stop-shop, streamlining the administrative procedures and saving valuable time for both the employees and the government.

Transparency and Convenience

Transparency is a cornerstone of the Intra Haryana portal. Government employees can access their information and track the status of their requests in real-time. This level of transparency fosters a sense of accountability and trust between employees and the government.

In addition, the portal was developed with convenience in mind. Employees no longer need to physically visit government offices or stand in long queues for routine administrative tasks. The Intra Haryana portal empowers them to manage their affairs remotely, ensuring a healthier work-life balance.

Mobile Application Extension

Recognizing the growing dependency on mobile technology, the Haryana government introduced a dedicated mobile application for the Intra Haryana portal.

This application can be easily downloaded from the Play Store, providing employees with even more accessibility. With this app, employees can carry out tasks on the go, making it a practical solution for those who are constantly on the move.