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SSP Scholarship 2024

SSP scholarships are state-funded scholarships that apply to your residence in Karnataka and follow Class I to the postdoc level.

In addition, many state government sub-departments offer SSP scholarship plans to students of various backgrounds studying at pre-and post-enrollment levels.

The final date of the 2024 SSP scholarship depends on the system

What is an SSP? SSP (Government Scholarship Portal) is a web-based program that enables students in SC / ST, OBC, minority groups, and other groups to apply for government-sponsored SSP scholarships.

The Government of Karnataka and the Center for Electronic Governance have launched an SSP portal to sanction applications for pre-registration and post-registration of SSP scholarships.

Through SSP scholarships, the government strives to support and provide financial benefits to provide appropriate support to students.

As a result, the state has launched the SSP Versary Portal to make it easier for candidates to apply and track the status of their applications.

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What is the SSP scholarship's last date?

The Government of Karnataka has announced a new date for the SSP 2024-25 Scholarship. Therefore, interested candidates can submit their applications online by the latest date.

The latest SSP scholarship dates, updated in 2024-25, are listed below for various plans announced by the state government List of SSP Scholarships?

Students studying from Class I to Class X can apply for the SSP Pre-Matrix Scholarship, and students participating in the Post-Doc Fellowship from Class XI can apply for the Post-Matrix SSP Scholarship at the portal.

In addition, government departments offer scholarship programs to improve the lives of disadvantaged children.

Below are the schemes available on the SSP 2024 Scholarship

  • Karnataka Brahmin Development Commission
  • Post-matrix scholarship
  •  Fee refund
  •  Accommodation fee
  •  Scholarship
  •  Department of Social Welfare, Department of Social Work
  •  Vidyasiri
  •  Pre matric scholarship
  •  Fee concession system
  •  Post-matrix scholarship
  •  Scheme of fee allocation to nursing students
  •  Department of Social Work
  •  Pre-registered students for 1SC students
  •  Post-matrix students for SC students
  •  Pre-registered students for children of dirty professional workers
  •  Programmed Tribal Social Welfare Department
  •  ST student pre-registered student
  •  Students after ST student registration
  •  Reimbursement Department for Medical Education for SC / ST students taking medical courses
  •  Technical Education Department Refunds Diplomas and SC / ST Students Pursuing Engineering Research

Defense scholarship

5. Minority Welfare Department
1. Pre-registration scholarship
2. Post-matrix scholarship
3. Revenue and resource exchange
4. Fee refund

Social welfare and tribal welfare department?

The Karnataka Department of Welfare and Social Welfare provides pre and post-registration SSP versaries for SC and ST students.

However, you must be based in Karnataka to take advantage of this SSP scholarship. The final date for applying for the SSP 2021-22 Scholarship was September 15, 2021.

What are the eligibility criteria for SSP Post-Matrick Scholarships?

SC and ST students applying for the SSP Post Matrix Versary must meet the following criteria:
Candidates must be permanent residents of Karnataka.

• You must have at least 50% (or equivalent degree) from your previous qualification exam.

• Household income should not exceed Rs. 250,000 per year.

SSP Post-Matrick Scholarship Reward

The central government pays 50% and the state government pays 50% of the fee. Therefore, they will refund the full amount of the tuition fee for the SSP Pre-Matric Scholarship.

The Medical Technology Department of Karnataka will provide refunds to SC / ST students taking medical and technical courses.

In addition, the Technical Education Department offers defense scholarships for children of defense personnel.

What are the eligibility requirements for SC / ST fee compensation?

The requirements for compensation plans for technical and medical courses are as follows:

• The candidates must belong to the SC / ST group.

• Household income must be between Rs 2,50,000 and Rs 10,00,000 per year.

• Students seeking a medical or engineering degree can apply for the program. About defense scholarships

• SC / ST students whose parents work in the Army, Air Force, or Navy can apply for a compensation plan for a technical course.

• Parents must be a Serving Officer, Noncommissioned Officer (NCO), Junior Commissioner (JCO), or have a lower position. SC / ST Fee Compensation Fee

SC / ST students will be refunded state money.

Retrograde welfare department?

The Junior Social Work Department offers pre-Matrix, Post-Matrix, and Vidyasiri SSP scholarship programs to students in the Junior class ssp portal scholarship.

The government offers a monthly scholarship amount for 10 months. Therefore, candidates residing in Karnataka and belonging to the disadvantaged class category designated by the Government will be able to take advantage of these SSP Versary benefits.

What are the eligibility criteria for SSP Post-Matric Scholarships?

The eligibility criteria for late-class SSP Post-Matrix scholarships are as follows:

• Candidates must belong to a category of classes that are disadvantaged by the government.

• Must follow class XI or higher.

• Category 1 students must have at least 50%. However, Category 2A, 3A, and 3B students must have at least 60% on their previous qualification exam.

• Family income should not exceed Rs 250,000 per year from all sources. Post-enrollment SSP scholarship rewards

The government provides payments based on various groups. For example, the following are post-matrix rewards for different groups.

• Group A course: Rs 3,500 per year
• Group B course: 3350 rupees per year
• Group C course: 2100 Indian Rupees per year
• Group D course: 1600 Indian Rupees per year

Late Class Fee Refund

The Junior class welfare department provides a compensation system for students belonging to the junior class (designated by the government). The state pays the tuition fees.

Eligibility criteria?

The late class compensation requirements are as follows:

• Candidates must conduct graduate studies at an accredited state university affiliated with the University of Karnataka, with or without government support.

• CAT-1 students' household income must be less than Rs 250,000. However, the categories in CAT-2A, 3A, 3B, and other OBC categories must not exceed 1 000000 Indian Rupees.

• CAT-1 students must have at least 40% and 50% new and renewal applications, respectively.

• Similarly, CAT-2A, 3A, and 3B students must have 50% and 60%, respectively, for new applications and updates.

• This SSP scholarship program is limited to two male students in the same family. However, there are no restrictions on female students in the same family.

• Candidates living in public housing or housing colleges cannot apply for a compensation plan. Reward

The central and state governments will refund 100% of the tuition fee. Vidia Siri Fair

The Underdeveloped Welfare Department also offers Vidyasiri scholarships to students studying at the post-matrix level.

However, they must belong to the lower ranks listed by the Government of India. The state offers monthly grants and other benefits to the right students.

Eligibility criteria?

You must follow the post-matrix course. Candidates must have access to a departmental or state-funded hostel.

• Household income of CAT-1BC students must not exceed Rs 250,000.

• However, income from students in CAT-2A, 3A, 3B, and other disadvantaged classes must not exceed Rs. 1,000,000 per year.

• Students must live in the countryside, at least 5 km from the university, or come from another city or town.

• Students are required to attend at least 75% this year.

The state government is helping students stay in hostels and continue their education.

What about hostels after the Matrix?

The government helps the students enter the hostel ssp post-matric scholarship. In addition, they offer food services valued at Rs. 1600 per month for 10 months per year.

• They also offer free accommodation for students.

For private post matrix hostel

This scheme allows qualified students to enter a private hostel (after registration) for late classes. The government pays each student 1,100 rupees for food.

Minority Welfare Department

The provincial government offers post-enrollment and worthy scholarship programs for minorities residing in Karnataka.

Candidates must apply in 2024, to take advantage of the Minority Welfare Department's SSP Scholarship Benefits. The government will refund students the course and accommodation fees.

What are the qualification criteria for scholarships after the matrix?

The requirements for post-admission scholarships for minorities are as follows:

• Candidates must be based in Karnataka.

• They must belong to a minority community such as Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, or Parsis.

• Students with a class XI, XII, diploma, bachelor's degree, master's degree, technical, professional, MPhil, or Ph.D. degree from an accreditation body can apply for this SSP scholarship.

• You must have scored at least 50% on the previous qualification exam. • Household income should not exceed 2 million rupees per year.

Post-Matrix Scholarship Rewards

The central and state governments will reimburse minority tuition and housing fees.

Does income mean a scholarship?

The Karnataka Minority Welfare Department also provides resources for candidates who are fit for a merit plan. The government selects students based on their strengths and financial background.

Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship Qualification Criteria

The qualification criteria for scholarships of benefits and means for minorities are:

• Candidates must have scored at least 50% on the previous exam.

• Don't be overdue.

• Family income must be less than Rs 250,000 per year.

Benefits and Means Scholarship Rewards?

Candidates selected under Benefits and Scholarships will receive the following benefits:

• The Government of India and the Government of Karnataka will refund 100% of the fee.

• In addition, the state government will provide a study set to students taking first-year medical and technical courses.

• The state government pays Rs 10,000 directly to the student's bank account via the DBT system.

Note: Minority students must apply for a post-matrix or merit/medium scholarship at the NSP Portal before applying for a scholarship at the SSP Portal, following the latest updates.

Welfare Department in Karnataka?

The Brahmin Development Commission in Karnataka provides financial assistance to suitable students in the Brahmin community.

Eligible candidates who achieve Class X or higher can apply for the SSP Post-Matrix Scholarship under the Saandeepani Shishyavethana program.

The government provides selected students with up to Rs 1,200.

Eligibility criteria?

Candidates applying for a Post-Matrix scholarship for the Brahmin Program in Karnataka must meet the following criteria:

• Candidates must be genuine residents of Karnataka.

• This SSP scholarship is only available to Brahmins.

• The applicant's household income must not exceed Rs 8,000 per year.

• You must have at least 50% (or equivalent degree) in your previous exam.

Reward: Brahman students receive the following SSP scholarships from the state government:

• The day on which the student receives 550 Indian Rupees per month. However, the hotel owner will receive a monthly maintenance allowance of 1200 rupees.

SSP Prematic Scholarship?

The state government offers pre-enrollment scholarships for SSPs in Karnataka, where they are studying Class I to X.

Students can apply for advance scholarships online through the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) or the Karnataka State Scholarship Portal (SSP).

Before applying for a scholarship, you will need to obtain a SATS ID, UIDAI number, caste, and income certificate.

SSP pre-enrollment scholarships are available to students who are part of the SC / ST category and decline classes.

Eligibility criteria?

• Candidates must come from the minority community.

• Students must move from Class I to Class X.

• Except for Class I students, candidates must have a 50% score on the previous qualification exam.

• Family income should not exceed Rs 1,000,000 per year.

• The government also provides provisional SSP versaries for children of employees in dirty professions.

Reward: School students receive government financial support for training.

How to apply for an SSP scholarship?

Candidates can submit their SSP scholarship applications online by logging in to the portal.

In addition, you can register for a new SSP program, extend your scholarship, and track the status of your program through the SSP scholarship portal.

However, you must register on the portal before applying for an SSP scholarship.

SSP Scholarship Status 2024

Eligible candidates can apply online via the SSP scholarship portal
This section gives an overview of the application process. However, readers can scroll down to see the details of the application process.

Here are some points to follow when applying for an SSP Versary scheme:

First-time students must register online on the portal. However, enrolling in an SSP scholarship is a one-time process.

Therefore, previously enrolled students can skip this

Step 1. Candidates must submit an application after registering with the SSP Versary

Step 2 The applicant must upload the documents required for the electronic examination

step 3. You will also need to bring your documents and be certified by the person in charge of electronic filing.

Step4. Candidates can view approved documents using their electronic authentication ID after completing electronic authentication.

Step 5 You can now log in to the SSP portal and complete the application process.

SSP Karnataka Cover Sally Registration?

After completing the registration process, candidates will be given their username and password.

To enroll for the SSP Karnataka Scholarship:

Step 1: Candidates need access to the official SSP Versary Portal.

Step 2: You need to click the Create Account tab.

Step 3 Candidates studying in Classes I through X can click on the options before the matrix. Candidates of class XI and above can click on the post-matrix options.

Step 4: You need to enter your SATS ID and click the Get Data button.

Step 5: Once the candidate gets the data, the system gets the details of the next SSP scholarship.

• Candidate name
• Parents' names
• Mom's name
• Birthday
• Current class
• Your school name

Step 6: After reviewing the SSP scholarship data, candidates click Save and Continue.

Step 7: Candidates will be able to see a pop-up window showing the details of the candidate's SATS.

Step 8: Candidates should click Yes if the details are correct and No if the information is incorrect. Note: If the candidate's SATS details are incorrect and you click Yes, your SSP scholarship application will be rejected by the authorities.

Step 9: After clicking Yes, the candidate must enter and submit a valid mobile phone number.

Step 10: Next, you need to enter the OTP sent to your mobile number and click Submit. Note: Candidates can change their mobile phone number by clicking the reset button.

Step 11: The applicant needs to create a password and click Submit.